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Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016

There are less than two months left before our project will be completed. We are hopeful that the deadline will be met.

Right now, workers are waiting for the windows for the library to arrive so we can complete that building. Until the windows are installed, we cannot complete the floors or the shelving for the library. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the windows will be on-site early in the week.

Here are a few photos from the past couple of weeks.

The jalousies have been installed at the top of the covered play court. 
I think the windows look really nice; the natural light through the windows works really nicely during the day.
Most of the interior lights have been installed. We think they'll mostly be used for evening events or on days when there is no sun.
Those are the poles for the volleyball court. The basketball baskets will be retractable and controlled remotely. They should be installed very soon, and then work on the floor will begin.
The landscapers are ready to spray the grass, hopefully at the beginning of the week. The sprinklers are already in place so depending on how long the grass takes to grow, we will have a larger area for physical education and for recess.  
The final part of the cafeteria is being abated. After we get clearance for the air quality, we can begin painting the exterior. The interior of the cafeteria is not scheduled to be renovated; that is not part of the project.  
Those are the acoustical clouds in the library area. They are intended to be decorative while also helping to reduce ambient noise. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

It's been about two weeks since school year 2015-2016 ended, and the workers are doing their best to get as much done before the next school year begins. We are still waiting for the windows and doors for the library building, and hopefully, everything will be done by mid-August. When school was in session, it was harder to notice all the changes because there were always people around, but now that it's summer, I have more opportunities to check what's going on. Here are photos of what's been going on in the past couple of weeks with our construction project.

Most of the windows are installed in the covered play court. Right now, the electricians are installing the lights. There should be a lot of natural light during the day, but if we have evening activities, we will need to turn on the lights.
We're really excited that the back area will be much larger! Now our students have more area for PE and for recess in addition to the area in front of O-building. We're looking at ways to have a variety of activities for students at recess. They shared that they want things for building, climbing, quiet activities like reading books, playing board games, and doing art in addition to active activities. In fact, some 3rd grade students presented their Playground Proposal to me before the year ended. These students definitely have some cool ideas! We'll see what we can do.
The cafeteria is being abated and will be repainted. Shortly, this plastic covering will be removed and they'll work on the side then the back of the cafeteria. It'll take a few more weeks to complete the abatement, then it'll be time for painting the exterior. 
When the project is completed, there will be covered walkways throughout the school. This one goes to the cafeteria from the new library media/student center. Now students don't have to get wet when it's raining. Of course, knowing kids, it's more fun to get wet, right?
These remind me of the cup holders at McDonalds. They're for the fire lane that's being built in the back by the covered play court. 
It looks odd to not have the big black barriers between D-building and this new building! Shortly, the landscapers will work on the grass and other plants in different areas of campus. 
Painters are finishing up the exterior of the library media/student center. It sure looks nice! 
Can you see the two workers painting by the eaves? They are in a "cage" and every time the wind blows, the "bucket" shakes. I don't think I could do that work. It requires balance and a steady hand.