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Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 25, 2014

What's happening this week:

  • Buildings B, C, D, E, and G exterior and interior painting 
  • Re-roofing and installing gutters on buildings E and G 
  • Begin installation of the flooring in the administration building
  • Start up and switch over to the new electrical system 
  • Pulling wires for cable, data, and phone systems
  • Install lighting in the administration building
  • Pour concrete for the walkway in front of the administration building
  • Pour concrete for the stairway in the classroom building
  • Begin work on the dining pavilion
These are the things I can visibly see; I'm sure there are many more projects underway!

I'll be at a conference and won't return until next Thursday.  I'm sure there will be more changes  at that time.  Until then, here are a few photos to document what's happening on our project.

The new walkway in front of the administration building.  There's a small section that still needs to be completed; you can see the workers in the back working on the framing for the next concrete pour.

I am still amazed at how this machine can pump out concrete; at the time this photo was taken, they were working on the stairs in the classroom building.

Since school is not in session now, they've taken down the black tarp so we can see the progress of the classroom building.  They're working on the second floor.

The roofing work is taking more time than anticipated, so the roofers will begin coming in on weekends, too.  I'm used to smelling tar when they're fixing roofs, but this process doesn't use tar (thankfully).

Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014

The end of another week, and it's closer to moving day!  Next week, electricity will be transferred from the old system to the new one.  Then, there will be power in the administration building as well as the custodial building!  Next week will be a busy one, and if all goes well, we can expect to move in during the month of July.  Meanwhile, lots of work continues on the renovations as well as the new buildings!

Digging between B and C building to bring water to the new building.  Notice that B building is still being observed for asbestos abatement, and by Monday, they should be cleared.  The asbestos will be removed from the library and office prior to being demolished.  

Next Monday, concrete will be poured in the area in front of our administration building.  Poles will be installed after that and during one of the upcoming breaks, workers will install a roof.  

Painters are working on the interior and exterior of the renovated buildings - B, C, D, E, and G will be done this summer, and A, F, H, I, and J will be completed next summer.  

Building E -- this is the primer, and by the end of the day, the exterior was painted.  Today, they're working on the roof of E building as well. 

The black tarp is up between the present library and building D.  The library/media and student center will replace the present office and library buildings.  Yes, it'll be quite large!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014

I've been gone on vacation for a week and was anxious to see what had been accomplished in that time. There's been a lot completed though there's still much to do!  Here are some photos of what's going on around our campus.
The electrical switchgear cover was moved; I guess this means the electrical work is just about completed.  Hawaiian Electric should be coming next week to do the switchover from the old system to the new one.

The restrooms next to the cafeteria are just about done! Now students don't have to walk so far when they're in the cafeteria for breakfast or lunch, assemblies, or at the after-school A+ program.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the custodial building.

I misunderstood and thought the classroom buildings would be a different color, but they're just a different shade of blue.

G-building is being re-roofed; this project will probably take longer-than-expected, but eventually, all 10 classroom buildings will be re-roofed.

We will have a concrete pour next week for the area in front of the administration building.  The poles will be placed as well, but the covering for the walkway won't be done this summer.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

First Week of Summer Break is Over

Work is going full-force on our construction project!  Asbestos abatement has begun; exterior painting began today; concrete was poured for half of the second floor classroom building; and electrical work continues.

I won't be on-island next week, so I presume there will be lots of progress while I'm gone.

They've painted the custodial building blue.  The rest of the buildings are not scheduled to be painted blue.  The gray structure is for the electrical switchgear; when the electricity is ready to be turned on, they'll cover the switchgear box.

Getting started on the second floor of the 10-classroom building

Pouring concrete for the second floor of the classroom building  That machine was 55 meters tall!

Workers are just about done with the abatement work in G-building and were ready to do the same in E-building.  I got to go into G-building before they started the abatement work.  It would have been a great time to have Google Glass; I was reminded of ET when I went through the plastic tunnel.

Getting ready to put up the black tarp behind the library.  I guess Mr. Enoki won't be able to have PE class there.

The primer has already been applied to building D.  The one thing I'm sad about the exterior painting is that we lose the artwork which identified the buildings.  We are discussing how we can exhibit student artwork on those empty walls.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Continued Progress!

We got to check out the interior of the administration building today!  Everything is going well though there is still much to be done.  The workers  have assured me that they are on-track for us to move in at the end of this month.  It'll be close, but I have confidence that they wouldn't say that if they didn't think it could be done.  Here are just a few photos of what they're working on right now.

We should have enough mailboxes for all of our staff!  

Workers were installing the ceramic tile in the restrooms.  I love the colors!

The front counter is so much roomier than what we have in our present office.  The countertops will be corian and there will be patterned glass in the front of the counter.  The color scheme in the office is patriotic - red, white, and blue - perfect for our military-impacted school!