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Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27, 2014

2014 is almost over.  So much has happened since December 2013.  We now have a beautiful, spacious office, five classroom wings have been renovated, the new classroom building should be completed in a few months, and work continues on the library media/student center.
Workers were just getting started on the 10-classroom building one year ago.
This is what the Administration Building looked like back in December 2013.  Today, we have a state-of-the-art office! 

This was a shorter work week in rather muddy conditions, but all-in-all, much continues to get done.  Tomorrow night, a trailer carrying Portable 9 will be moved to Fort Shafter Elementary School.  Fortunately, I wasn't asked to be present because the move is scheduled for midnight when traffic is slower.  I didn't realize that the portable classrooms already had a trailer underneath that made it much easier to be moved. The building needed to be cut in half to move, and I wasn't sure how the workers would do that.  Actually, though, the two sides of the portable are held together with bolts.  Made me wonder why schools have to wait so long for portables; they appear to be constructed pretty efficiently.  

Yesterday, workers separated the two sides to get ready for the move.  Otherwise, the portable would have been too large to move.

This is the back of the portable just prior to moving one side closer to the gate so it can be moved more easily.

Another view from the back. This portable was used most recently by our Instructional Coaches and Data Manager, and it housed our Robotics Team.  

One half of Portable 9; it looks so small!

Moving the portable was not the only thing happening this week.  Workers continued to get ready for a concrete pour in early January for the SOG - slab on grade - which refers to slab placed at ground level. (Contractors have acronyms, too.)

This final photo is of the trench by building A which connects the electrical wires to the handhold, I think.  We've had to go around to get from the office to the rest of the school.  Next week, they'll be pouring concrete and covering up the trench.

This is probably my last post for calendar year 2014.  Have a wonderful New Year and be safe, everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24, 2014

Our contractors hoped to get lots done during this winter break - three weeks without students on campus.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate on Monday. It was rainy and dreary, but the workers managed to cut the cement for the trench to connect the data and electricity from the library media/student center to the MDF room.  The trench covers walkway by B-building so we've had to walk all the way around to get anywhere on campus from the office.  That's okay . .  . I need to work off all the holiday goodies that people have brought to share!

Workers also continued with the footings for the new library media/student center building.  It was certainly muddy!

Finally, Portable 9 is being prepped to be moved to Fort Shafter Elementary School. After the portable is removed, the contractors will begin the prep work for a special education classroom adjacent to J building. It has been a busy 3 days!

It was rainy and muddy on Monday, but the construction work didn't stop!

Workers removed the ramp to Portable 9 and cut off the electricity and water source to prepare for the move to Fort Shafter Elementary School.

On Friday, workers will prepare for the move by cutting the building in half on Friday.  There are trailers underneath the building (I didn't realize they were there; we sure hope they still work!) The move will take place on Sunday evening when there is less traffic.  

Workers are preparing the pad for the library media/student center. Even if this is the third phase, I am still in awe of how much work goes into the foundation and infrastructure.  It seems that once the foundation is in place, the work goes much faster, but perhaps that's deceptive. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014

This was the last week of school before a 3-week winter break.  There was intermittent rain throughout the week but it wasn't enough to call a halt to work.

During the next few weeks, we expect quite a lot to be accomplished. The contractors schedule work that might be very disruptive to the school whenever students are not on campus. Next week, they will be removing Portable 9 to Fort Shafter Elementary School; they've experienced a spike in their attendance and we need to move that portable to begin construction of a special education classroom.

Continuing to work on the footings for the library media/student center

It was really muddy, but the concrete pour was scheduled and the work continued on preparing the footings for the building.

It will be quite noisy when they use the saw to cut the sidewalk. 

It was too muddy to take a look inside the classroom building but I heard that it's going well. The dry walls and the doors are being installed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back at Work - December 8, 2014

After a relaxing vacation from work, I returned to school today to note all the changes that had taken place in our construction project. Being on vacation means that physically, I am not at work, and everyone does their best to not "bother" me with problems.  For that, I am grateful, but I am always a text or an email away if they need me.  They didn't :-)

So I walked around campus today and snapped a few photos of changes that had taken place since I was gone.  First, the barrier around the outdoor dining pavilion was removed, and although we don't have electricity yet, we can use the area for special activities. The furniture has been ordered and will be delivered sometime in early 2015.  Until then, we'll put in some temporary furniture so groups such as JPOs, Greeters' Club, or even classrooms can use that area.
Removing the barrier from the outdoor dining pavilion
There will be a concrete slab in the area that is still barricaded. 
Some areas of the administration building were painted; these accented areas will tie in nicely with the colors on the rest of the buildings.

Work continues to build the infrastructure for the library media/student center. 
The back view of the new classroom building.  
On Wednesday, there will be a concrete pour for the walkway for the new classroom building which will eventually tie in to A-building (once P17 is removed during the summer).
A view of the classroom building from the parking lot fronting the school - I still find it amazing how quickly everything is coming together!