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Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29, 2016

On Monday, students return to school. We are ready! The construction crew and our custodians did a fine job of getting the school looking good! There are still areas with the orange fencing that act as barriers so students don't go into those areas. Primarily, though, the walkways are open. Here are a few photos from the past couple of weeks.

The grass in the back of the school is growing, but we need to wait a bit until the landscapers turn it over to us. Right now, the area is quite saturated and the ground is too soft. We don't want students ruining the area through overuse.

This is the handicap ramp from building J to the covered play court.
Getting the covered play court floor ready! 
Workers are laying down the floor. Next up - painting the floor and the lines. We will have a regulation basketball court as well as two smaller courts; the basketball hoops are retractable and can be adjusted to heights from 8 to 10 feet. We also have a regulation volleyball court and two smaller practice courts. In short, it is a fabulous facility for our students! Mr. Bevacqua and Mr. Enoki can't wait for it to be ready!
It took a little over a week to install these stairs in the student support area of the new building. Each stair weighed over 400 pounds and had to be placed just right prior to being welded. 
Right now, the peace pole looks lonely, but once the grass is planted and we add benches, it will hopefully have a calming influence for anyone sitting in the area. 
Workers continue to install the windows in the library section of the building. We are waiting for the last shipment of windows to arrive; that's why you see those areas boarded up.
It will be so nice for students to be able to walk all over campus without getting wet when it rains. 
Did you notice the new sign? It was installed this past week!
We had hoped to have the playground ready for the start of the school year, but the refurbishment is not yet completed. There are some pretty cool features; I think the kids will enjoy the new playground! 
The landscapers added plants to the area behind the new library media/student center. We've noticed that the oyster plants are easier for us to maintain so we prefer it to grass.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016

I've been away on vacation for the past week, but thanks to Vice Principal Arikawa and School Administrative Services Assistant (SASA) Ferreira, I've been informed and received photos about what's been going on back at school. They know that I am anxious about the completion date for our project and making sure that everything gets done as scheduled. So here are photos of what was going on last week while I was enjoying time with our family on the mainland.
Contractors are working on the retractable basketball hoops in the covered play court. After they are done, work will begin on the flooring.
 Railings were installed between the covered play court and J-building. 
Here's another view of the retractable basketball hoops.
The covered play court won't be ready until sometime in September.  We understand the doors will not arrive in time to be completed in mid-August as hoped.
Landscapers are finalizing the fire lane by the covered play court for the back of the school. It will be like the one in the front of the school by O-building.
The State is refurbishing the playground near the cafeteria. I can't wait to see the new features they are installing! We had hoped to get another playground structure in the back of the school, but that may not happen for a few more years. 
Now that the asbestos removal has been completed and the air quality approved, workers began painting the cafeteria. We are changing the color to match the other new buildings on campus.
The custodians are working hard on the landscaping.
In the time since school ended, they've been giving the rooms (especially the floors) a thorough cleaning and the plants have grown out-of-control. We are grateful for our custodial crew who go above-and-beyond to keep our school safe, clean, and green!
The area in front of O-building is huge, and it will be an area for recess and physical education classes. Thanks to the persistence of Head Custodian Naki, the State agreed to install a sprinkler system. Yeah! Now we can keep the area hydrated so it doesn't turn into a dust bowl.
What's missing in the front of the school?
The contractor's trailer was moved closer to the covered play court.
This coming school year, we will have two drop-off areas where parents can drive through, drop their kids off, and not get out of their car. More information will be available about the procedure changes.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

There's a little less than one month before students return to school. My goodness, summer is going by so quickly! Things are moving quickly, and we are hopeful that we will be able to occupy the new buildings sometime in August. Not too many photos to share at this time.

Spraying the back . . . 

. . . and all done! Hopefully, the grass will grow in by the time school begins. The field will be so much more spacious for recess as well as for our physical education classes. Of course we will also have the covered play court for PE, too. After three years of limited area due to construction, the space will be especially welcome!
The last of the covered walkways was poured last week. Now students will be able to stay dry when walking from one area of the campus to another. 
We were able to choose some flexible furniture for our library and media production room. These Steelcase Node chairs are really comfortable and will enable students to collaborate on projects.  
We have been waiting patiently for this container to arrive! The windows for the library building are finally here! Yeah! Next week, they'll start installation.