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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

Looking around the administration building, it doesn't seem possible that we will be completely moved in by next week. There's still paper and cardboard on the ground, they're touching up the paint, floor tiles were completed today, the glass for the front windows and doors are not installed yet, furniture needs to be delivered, the data conversion is not quite complete, but I think it's going to be ready!!

Today, Vice Principal Leinau and I got to move our boxes into our rooms and do a little unpacking. Tomorrow, our desks will be delivered, so hopefully, everything will be in place by the end of the week.  We still need to move all the office files and supplies; that will take some time!

The classroom building is progressing nicely.  

Today, workers started to work on a new exit from the parking lot.  Unfortunately, we are losing a number of parking spaces while the library/tech/media/student center is being built.

This is the view of my office from outside.  The glass windows are colored although it's hard to see from the photo. The back of A-building is reflected in the glass.  They installed the last pane today (in the photo, it's covered with a piece of plywood).

I wish the students could see how so many of the workers use math and measurement in their job.  This worker is measuring the floor to install the tiles.

This was the last part of the administration building floor to be completed.  

Each renovated classroom will have 2 new cabinets like these. They're much roomier than the old metal ones we had earlier.
The principal's office has a door in-between that can be closed for privacy.  This is the conference room attached to the principal's office which can be used for meetings.  One more table needs to be delivered.

This afternoon, I began unpacking and trying to organize my new office.  The new desk will be delivered tomorrow.  This is really an exciting time for our school!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Getting Closer to Moving Day

It's July 11, 2014, and school begins for our students in just 3 short weeks.  All of the workers continue to work long hours and on weekends to finish their job.  We appreciate their diligence.

These are the acoustical clouds in the administration building which are designed to reduce noise level and add a contemporary look to our office.

G4 has been transformed into a bright and cheery temporary library for students to peruse and borrow books.  Thanks, Mrs. Huszar, for your hard work in getting this room ready!

The second story of the classroom building is coming along nicely.  We are hopeful that the December deadline will be met.

Painters are finishing the doors on the renovated classrooms.  The color is a dark turquoise blue to match the building exterior and the floor tiles.

The front of the administration building will be mostly glass.  Workers have been installing the frames this week.  

It's Friday, and the frames are all done.  They will install the colored glass next week.  I can't wait to see how it looks!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Continued Progress - July 3, 2014

After a week away from school, I returned to see all the progress on our buildings.  There's still lots to complete before the first day of school, but I am hopeful that things will get done.  This is a 3-day weekend, but the roofers and electricians will be at work to ensure that they stay on-schedule to complete their part of the job.  We are certainly appreciative of all of them!

We had military volunteers earlier this week to move everything out of the library.  As I've mentioned earlier, we will be temporarily housing the library in F4 and G4.  We will store many boxes of books until the library/tech/student center is completed in 2016.  Today, I went to see G4, and Mrs. Huszar is making great progress in getting the books organized on the shelves!

The library and tech lab are cleared out, and today, they began the asbestos abatement project.  The workers complete their work so efficiently!

Work on the administrative building continues.  Flooring, windows, the "clouds" -- these are the immediate projects for this week and next.  Furniture will be delivered soon, and data work continues.

Interior and exterior painting, replacing the roof, tiling the floors, completing the new cubbyholes and cabinets - these are all part of the renovation portion of the project.

It is amazing to see how much work was completed in one week!  I'll keep you updated!
Books are waiting to be shelved.  Students will be borrowing books in G4.
Wow!  Looks nice and neat!
 The tech lab has been completely cleared out as well.  Asbestos abatement will be done first in the library side because the servers which provide Internet access are still needed.

This is how the floors look in the renovated classrooms (buildings B, C, D, E, and G).  

And this is a sample of what the flooring looks like in the administration building.  As you can see, the flooring is quite unique!  

Working on the windows in the admin building

A panoramic view of the front of the admin building from the road. . .

. . . and a view of the back of the admin building

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Year Later

On July 1, 2013, we had our Groundbreaking Ceremony which indicated the start of our $33.2 million construction project.  A number of dignitaries joined us, including Governor Abercrombie, School Superintendent Matayoshi, and General Pete Johnson of US Army Garrison Hawaii.  What an exciting time to be able to re-invent Hale Kula which hadn't had any major changes since it was built in 1959, the same year that Hawaii became the 50th state!

Today, exactly one year later, our school is undergoing a transformation.  The new administration building should be done, and we should be settled in prior to the start of the new school year on August 1.  The library will be moved temporarily to rooms F4 and G4, and very shortly, these two buildings (office and library) will be demolished to make room for the new library/tech/media/student center.  The 2-story, 10-classroom building should be ready sometime during the next school year, and five wings are being renovated this summer - new paint, new flooring, new cubbies and new storage closets.  Next summer, new fans will be installed in all the renovated classrooms.  Additionally, we will have a new phone and data system which should improve wireless access for our students and staff.  This will make it possible to access technology as a tool for collaborating, communicating, thinking critically, and creating - the 4 C's of 21st century teaching and learning.  So many new things, and that's why everyone is so accommodating of all the disruptions we are enduring to make all the changes possible.

I have been attending a conference in Atlanta for the past few days, but I will be returning to work on Thursday, July 3.  At that time, I will post more photos of all the changes that have taken place during the past week.  I can't wait to share with you!

Until next time . . . aloha!