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Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 3, 2016

It's really almost done! We may be able to occupy the new buildings as soon as next Friday! We still have several furniture deliveries and finishing touches to complete, but for the most part, the buildings look pretty ready-to-occupy. We can't wait!

Several layers of emulsifier were applied, and the volleyball poles are in place (they are removable).  
Putting in the stationary screens at the covered play court
Boxes of books that were in storage are waiting to be unpacked.
The court area is painted a sand color, and the outside is this vibrant blue
I enjoyed watching the workers painting the floor; thy use a squeegee to spread the paint, and the lines are so straight.
Wow! Doesn't it look awesome?

Our librarian and library aide are starting to shelve the books.
Hopefully, we'll have some volunteers assist with unpacking and shelving all the books from G4 as well as those that were in storage.
The sliding doors are now installed; they're quite heavy! 
Painting the lines for the courts - I cannot believe how beautiful this covered play court is, and I cannot wait until we can use it!

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