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Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 10, 2015

In about two weeks (July 23), teachers return to work.  Students return on July 29.  There's still lots to do, but we are confident that everything will get done. This was a busy week as the painters, landscapers, roofers, masons, electricians, flooring workers, carpenters, furniture installers, welders, concrete workers, movers, and our custodians were all on campus performing different tasks on different phases of the project.

This is all that's left of Portables 12, 13 and 17. Some of the trash has already been hauled away; one bin still remained at the end of the week.

Workers installed new building signs; these are much larger, a requirement so emergency workers can easily spot the buildings.

Can you guess what these are?  I'll explain later.

The railings for the stairways were installed this week.  Notice the welder under the stairs.

Portables 10 and 11 were moved to Fort Shafter Elementary School this week.  Now we have only 3 portables remaining - 14, 15, and 16.  Portables 4 and 5 will be demolished shortly.  The Department determined that they could not be moved to another school due to their age and condition.

I love the desks and chairs in the new classroom building! Most of the furniture has been delivered and set up.  We're just waiting on a few more items.  

Pretty soon, it'll be time to start on the roof (I think).

The roofers in the foreground working on removing the old roofing from the walkways; in the background, you can see the masons working on the Student Center.

They poured concrete for the roof of the special education classroom this week.  We hope they can finish the classroom soon!

Today was a little rainy, but the landscapers were busy preparing the ground for planting. They are also spreading the topsoil over the whole area.  Next they will be planting the grass.  We can't wait to have another recess area for the students!

Now there are wooden casings around the steel beams.  These are the columns for the covered playcourt.  They will pour concrete in each of those casings then when the columns are ready, they take off the wood.  I think Leroy said the columns are still not at its maximum height yet.  The playcourt will be tall! 

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